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ACME is a program of The ACME Network, a non-profit organization. ACME Animation provides supplementary experiential learning and mentoring by peers and professionalsto students and teachers of Arts, Animation, Computer Technology, Digital Media, Humanities, and Technology programs to foster creative, leadership, innovation and 21st century skills. ACME registration is currently open to creative professional mentors wishing to participate in ACME Animation and to activate accounts for students and teachers in schools who are already enrolled in the ACME Network Program. ACME alumni wishing to return to ACME are welcome should email info@theacmenetwork.org for instructions on how to register.

If you are an educator or a school wishing to participate with ACME, please contact us and tell us about your class or program.

Sorry, ACME Animation is not currently available to individual learners wishing to participate in a program; however we will be rolling out this feature soon. You can find us on facebook or If you wish to be added to our email list, please let us know.

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